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The Story

At Party Lighters we specialize in putting the finishing touches on stylish, unique weddings that will make your dreams come true.
We offer you a personal touch, helping you find the perfect accessory for your reception and ensuring that your wedding is sophisticated down to the last detail.

Depending on your style, we can provide several different lighter options.

Unity Candle

A wedding ceremony is the formal joining of two lives into one. There are many symbols of unity throughout a wedding ceremony, but one tradition is growing more popular each year. A unity candle can be a powerful visual symbol of a bride & groom committing to each other in front of friends and family.

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We used the Party Lighters for my daughters wedding and they worked great. They were so much more decorative than the usual plastic bic lighter. They were also easier to use and in my opinion were worth every penny."

Catherine - Mother of the bride

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